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Tea-ce3020 is a professional complete machine designed for the on-board industry. It is a standard access system design for driving school examination.On-board memory 2 gb / 4 g optional, 32 g / 64 g storage is optional, can support WIFI/BT / 3 g / 4 g wireless communications, and can touch, smooth, high temperature and high wet application with Bay Trail - I platform E3825 / E3845, 6 watts low-power CPU fanless design.

Performance characteristics:

TEA-E3001-2 is an embedded whole machine with built-in standard 170*170/240*240mm. The shell is cast and strengthened with sheet metal. The compact layout is reasonable and the size of the main body is 155*320*330mm. It supports 4 PCI slot expansion and exhibits, and has good dustproof, heat dissipation and anti-seismic and anti-interference performance.


Adopt Intel Sandy Bridge+B65 chipset to support 10 serial ports, 8USB2.0 support 2 Road VGA display.

Performance indicators and parameters

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